Economics and Computation (TEAC)


Editorial Board


David Pennock

Ilya Segal
Stanford University


Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief

Victoria White
Review Without Peer


Information Director

Felix Fischer
Queen Mary University of London


Associate Editors

Moshe Babaioff
Microsoft Research (Israel)

Maria-Florina Balcan
Carnegie Mellon University

Felix Brandt
Technische Universität München

Shuchi Chawla
University of Wisconsin

Yiling Chen
Harvard University

Richard Cole
New York University

Jacques Crémer
Toulouse School of Economics

Sanmay Das
Washington University in St. Louis

Shahar Dobzinski
Weizmann Institute of Science

Edith Elkind
University of Oxford

Boi Faltings
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Michal Feldman
Tel Aviv University

Ashish Goel
Stanford University

Amy Greenwald
Brown University

Joseph Halpern
Cornell University

Nicole Immorlica
Microsoft Research New England

David Kempe
University of Southern California

Kate Larson
University of Waterloo

Kevin Leyton-Brown
University of British Columbia

Katrina Ligett
Hebrew University

Hervé Moulin
University of Glasgow

David Parkes
Harvard University

Ariel Procaccia
Carnegie Mellon University

Aaron Roth
University of Pennsylvania

Amin Saberi
Stanford University

Tuomas Sandholm
Carnegie Mellon University

Sven Seuken
University of Zurich

Yoav Shoham
Stanford University

Siddharth Suri
Microsoft Research New York City

Rakesh Vohra
University of Pennsylvania

Jennifer Wortman Vaughan
Microsoft Research New York City

Makoto Yokoo
Kyushu University

Giorgos Zervas
Boston University


Past Editors-in-Chief

Vincent Conitzer
Duke University

Preston McAfee


The founding Editors-in-Chief thank Joan Feigenbaum and David Pennock for their extraordinary help throughout the process of setting up the journal, and ACM SIGecom for its continued contributions to the journal.

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